Select an organization from the list below to find more information about The Odyssey Group’s management services.

National Association for Rural Mental Health
1997 to 2014

Mississippi River Parkway Commission of Minnesota
2008 to present

Perpich Center for Arts Education Foundation
2008 to 2010

International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity
2011 to 2014

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Management Services

We provide comprehensive management services for the client, its members and its partners.  Customer service is The Odyssey Group’s number one priority.  We strive to go beyond our client’s expectations, solving problems in extraordinary ways so that the customer recognizes the individual care we provide.  We distinguish ourselves by tightly managing operations, focusing on operational efficiencies, and maintaining a close watch on the client’s budget. You will get individualized attention when you hire us to manage your organization.

Below is a sample of tasks The Odyssey Group can provide for your association or foundation.

Administrative Services

  • Handle the day-to-day operations
  • Conduct association business via electronic mail, regular mail, fax and by staffing the association phone line with voice mail after hours
  • Permanent mailing address and office location
  • Maintain incorporation or foundation status
  • Store client materials including archival material
  • Maintain confidentiality

Board and Committee Support

  • Coordinate communications between board members
  • Route mail, requests and other correspondence to board members
  • Develop board meeting agendas, logistical support for board meeting including site selection, meeting rooms, lodging and catering
  • Attend board meetings and distribute follow up minutes
  • Assist in committee activities, including planning, correspondence and conference calls
  • Facilitate meetings, strategic planning sessions and provide follow up summary reports
  • Assist committees with the development of policies and other functions
  • Monitor association activities and follow through with association officers and committee chairs
  • Produce reports and membership listings as requested by board members and committee chairs.
  • Guide and counsel the board on office operations, services and program management
  • Assist in ordering/coordinating awards, plaques, and certificates consistent with company design and logo requirements
  • Assist in establishing project priorities
  • Provide orientation for new board members

Membership Services

  • Maintain an accurate membership database
  • Process membership applications and renewals via online, hard copy and fax
  • Prepare and send annual renewal notices and follow-up notices to members
  • Prepare and send membership information to prospective members
  • Communicate electronically with membership as directed by board members and committees or by fax for those with no internet access
  • Provide membership reports as directed by the board
  • Assist in election and/or voting support for board and members

Financial Services

  • Prepare annual budget
  • Maintain financial records
  • Prepare financial reports
  • Invoice and collect member dues and other income
  • Prepare bank deposits
  • Reconcile statements
  • Prepare payments for expenses
  • Coordinate annual tax returns
  • Coordinate independent audits

Quarterly Journals and Newsletters

  • Design, format and layout the publication
  • Arrange for printing and distribution of the publication
  • Solicit advertising for publication

Website and Electronic Communication

  • Provide website design and maintenance
  • Maintain domain registration
  • Maintain contract for host server
  • Provide electronic communication with members
  • Provide password protected membership login
  • Maintain a member only aspect of the website

Event Planning and Conference Management

  • Provide administration for the tasks of planning and executing the event
  • Participate in event planning meetings
  • Act on behalf of client for all communications
  • Develop a budget for event, collect income and pay bills
  • Develop marketing and promotional materials for the event
  • Provide venue selection, logistics and onsite management
  • Work with presenters, moderators and participants
  • Provide management for the conference papers or abstracts
  • Provide a customized registration system for online registration as well as other registration processes (hard copy, fax, telephone)
  • Negotiate all contracts for the event
  • Handle the catering and all food and beverage aspects
  • Coordinate the program scheduling
  • Coordinate participant continuing education or certifications
  • Prepare and design the program book
  • Coordinate audio visual equipment
  • Assemble packets/folders, nametags and conference materials
  • Manage onsite special events and special exhibits
  • Manage offsite events and tours
  • Coordinate exhibits or tradeshow
  • Work with sponsors and advertisers
  • Conduct an insurance/risk assessment
  • Coordinate the evaluation process of event
  • Detail a final report and participant in a post-event meeting
  • Coordinate internet access for participants
  • Provide conference aftercare using the website or a newsletter